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rooftop grease containment fort worth tx

Your roof is one of the most neglected parts of any restaurant establishment. In fact, it's not just in restaurants, the rooftop has got to be the most neglected part of every building ever. Most restaurant owners and restaurant managers hardly ever inspect a roof's condition, so even when there's an issue concerning the roof it takes forever to be discovered. Grease is a structure's worst enemy, it's effects can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages and cause even more damages if a fire breaks out, which is always a possibility. Visit our About page to learn more about our company.

Most cookhouses use vegetable oils and fatty materials to prepare their foods, it is these same oils that travel through the kitchen's exhaust system and cause problems. Once there, these oils and fats will encounter the chill surfaces of the ducts & fans they solidify. The spinning of the fans then causes the particles to collect along with the wings of the fan's housing, once there is a build it is this grease that is deposited on the rooftop.

You don't want this to happen. This grease will severely affect the roof's membrane because the grease will tamper with the membrane's tar-like substances. The membrane will basically absorb all the filth and grease causing the seams to perforate and start disintegrating. This disintegration will affect your entire building because suddenly you will start finding random leaks that will damage your restaurant's structure. This whole process is also terrible for the environment especially if the grease finds its way into the stormwater runoff and flows into water sources (rivers, lakes etc.)

Fort Worth Hood Cleaning is will set you up with a rooftop grease containment system that will protect your system from the negative consequences of rooftop grease. Our team will put in a gutter that will absorb all the grease and let the H20 pass all the way through.

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restaurant rooftop grease containment fort worth tx

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rooftop grease containment fort worth tx